My father's hobby was taking photos.
When I was a little girl, he used to tell me about cameras and photos.
I enjoyed the process of develop and print beside him.
Those days I was using film camera.
I'm using only digital camera for these days.


Apeil 9 2022  UPDATED

 April 9  Cherry blossoms 2022    March 28  Hyacinth in full bloom.  

 Oct 7  buckwheat noodle    Aug 14  Water Hyacinth    July 26  Godetia  
 July 7  Vesetable flowers    June 21  Centaurea cyanus (Corn flower)    May 25  Cherry sage.  
 April 24  Azalea in ful-bloom.    April 9  Blue flowers in spring    March 25  cherry blossoms 2021  
 March 18  Magnolia.    March 2  Bergenia flowers.    Feb. 17  Yellow flowers in early spring.  
 Feb. 9  Plum flowers in full bloom.  

 Jan. 14  Winter flowers in my town.  

 April 29  Seasonal flowers.    April 22  Yokohama Bluff.    March 30  Cherry blossoms 2019  
 March 19  Flowers in early spring  

 Nov.21  ampelopsis.    April 4  Cherry blossoms 2018.  

 April 20  Cherry blossoms 2017.    Feb.27  Rain drop and pansy.    Feb.14  Vivid flowers in winter  
 Jan.14  Mallard and carps.  

 Dec.06  Dahlia    Nov.09  Toad lily and Japanese anemone    May.3  Peony  
 April.6  Peach tree, Amygdalus persica    March.20  Primula farinosa hepatica  

 Sept.23  Flowers in early autumn    July.23  Hollyhock    June.25  Hydrangea  

 Nov.19  Traditional year-end fair.    Sept. 26  Hydrangea involucrata.    July 3  Flowers in rainy season.  
 June 10  Full-bloomed roses in Yokohama.    May 14  Plants on early summer.    April 12  Cherry blossoms in Yokohama. (2)  
 April 5  Cherry blossoms in Yokohama. (1)    March 11  Hepatica and adonis.  March 5  Plum flowers and camellia.
 Feb. 24  Snowstorm after 45years.

 Oct. 24  Blue flowers in autumn.  Sept. 16  Flowers in late summer  June 11  Granadilla (Passion flower)
 June 2  Cactus flowers   April 4    Fringed Iris, Polygonatum odoratum.    March 25   cherry blossoms and plum blossoms
 March 9  Hamamelis

 November 29  Japanese silverleaf  November 16  Solidago, goldenrods  October 16  Autumn roses in Yokohama
 July 26  Hypericum (Tutsan) in summer  June 28  Beautiful yellow flowers in early summer  June 5  Water lily and iris in Japanese garden
 May 13  Kolkwitzia amabilis & Yeddo Hawthorn  April 20  Cycad in winter  February 7  Yucca (Yucca gloriosa)
 January 22  Daffodil (narcissus)  January 4  Pyracantha

 November 21  hawthorn  November 10  Sweet osmanthus  October 24  Yokohama port, Yamashita park
 October 3  Duranta  August 8  Heron flower, ( Habenaria radiata )  July 21  Lily ( golden-banded lily )
 June 20  Fruits of Mahonia japonica  May 16  Japanese andromeda  April 30  Cherry blossoms 2011
 April 8  Yellow flowers of Mahonia japonica.  February 27  Plum blossoms started blooming.

 November 26 Port Yokohama Yamashita park  November 9 Plumed thistle  October 7 Lotus seed
 August 29 Power spot in Kamakura  August 11 Phytolacca americana  July 27 Mantis
 July 1 Golden-banded lily  June 10 Yokohama Bay Bridge and Tsurumi Bridge  May 4 Azalea
 April 19 Parrot tulip  March. 10 Calendula, pot marigold  Feb. 16 paper bush, Mitsumata
 Feb.8 Cineraria ( pink & blue )   Jan.18 Solanum nigrum ( Nightshade )   Jan.7 Dahlia

Dec.15 Camellia sasanqua Dec.5 Wild duck Nov.21 Bidens & Coral tree
Oct. 6 Amaranth Sept. 9 Eustoma August 26 helianthus
August 11 spiderwort August 2 African lilyJuly 22 Bluebell
July 6 Begonia July 2 Water lily June 29 convolvulus (field bindweed)
June 21 Four different kinds of hydrangea   June 2 Nigella ( fennel flower ). May 10 Full of spring flowers.
May 7 Spring flower trees May 1 Cherry blossoms April 18 Various Tulips
April 4 Pasqueflower. ;March 2 Cherry blossom started to bloom.  February 21 Jewel in woods
January 19 Aloe flower and lily seeds

Oct. 15Unusual Chinese bellflower. Sept. 29White spider lily and Japanese anemone. Sept. 9Stamens of bacopa
August 21Flowers of Coleus August 4Green wandering Jew June 29Hydrangea
June 14Casablanca which petal is insufficient June 6Docdami and hydrangea May 8Bletilla and mayfly
March 12camellia and sasanqua

Nov. 10phalaenopsis ( moth orchid ) June 26Yokosuka iris garden May 4 Tulip ( after blooming )
March 3 Plum grove (in Yokosuka City ) February 2 Peony in winter ( in Kamakura )

Mar. 18Spring flowers in Pref. Chiba. Mar. 4Hydrangea and rape blossoms. Dec. 8Autumn tint in Nagatoro, Saitama Pref.
Oct. 23Japanese pampas grass in Hakone national park Sept. 20Althaea, Rose of Sharon July 3approached photo of flowers.
April 14Cherry blossoms in Kamakura. Mar. 23Fragrant daphne.

Dec. 6Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park Sept. 23Bush clover and cosmos. Sept. 9Crape myrtle that shakes in typhoon wind.
July 21Hydrangea (at Hase temple in Kamakura) August 10Cyclamen bloomed in summer July 9Dragonfly
June 2Vegetable flowers April 10Cherry blossoms upon the riverside. March 6Early spring flowers. (Kamakura)

Oct. 05ButterflySept. 17Tateyama-KurobeAuguat 15White Egret Flower
April 17Field mustard March 30Christmas rose Feb.20Early spring. ( in Yokohama. )
Jan.22Winter peony ( Kamakura )
Dec. 5Yellow Rose Nov. 18Falls in Nikko (Autumn colors)  Oct. 22White spider lily
Oct. 2Beauty berry Sep. 24White flower and the blue sky July 25Crinum in Yokosuka
June 27Asiatic Dayflower June 11Roses in Kamakura April 30Scilla Campanulata
April 10Early spring Kamakura  March 7White plum flowers Feb. 16Cyclamen
Jan. 23Sasanqua, camellia
Dec. 22Sasanqua in Yokohama Oct. 3cosmos Sep. 6Gomphocarpus fruticosus
Aug. 9Lotus Flower in Yokohama  July 18Digitalis June 25Hydrangea
June 6Flower in the forest May 2Rose on the Bluff, Yokohama  April 16Azalea in Hayama City
April 15Azalea in Hayama City March 24Cherry Blossoms Feb. 19Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Pref.
Jan. 30Plum flowers Jan. 11Train in my town.