Traveling Malaysia Pulau Penang (1)

It was 7 hours and 40 minutes flight from Narita to Kuala Lumpur. I departed Narita in the afternoon and arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport at night.
Time difference is only one hour. So, I was relaxed in flight and enjoyed playing Tetris game.
It was already midnight when I arrived at Penang air port.

When I woke up,it was very fine day.
I took this photo in the room of the hotel. I took it through the glass of the window because the window didn't open,
The sky was beautifully blue.
Do you see the sea in the distance? It is the Strait of Malacca. I'll report about the town and cruising in Malacca later in another page.

There were many buildings of various religions in Malaysia. One of the most popular temples for tourists must be Wat Chayamangkalaram.
This nirvana Shakyamuni statue is the third size in the world after Burma and Thailand.
The part of clothes which is made of gold foil shines beautifully, and the face seems to float the tranquil smile.
The other two photos are the statues in the same buddhist temple and the appearances of the front yard in the temple.
Please click each photo to see larger one.

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