Autumn scenery. Change of plants.

The trees around my house have been changing their leaves into autumn color.

Yeddo-hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis umbellata)
Yeddo-hawthorn trees had both flowers and seeds.
The flowers had bloomed in spring and now they came to fruition.

Trees had many fruits but they are neither eaten nor harmed.
The birds might not like these fruits.

The flower is small and not remarkable, but I found
they are cute with red hemming in the center of the petal.

Foxtails under a cherry tree.
When I was a child, we used to call it "weeds to play with a kitten".
I don't know if the children are calling in the same name still now.

Oleander had a flower that must have been the last flower.
It was stretching the branch to get sunshine.
An gray heron was absorbed in catching fish.

Day time has become shorter day by day.
Our daily lives are changing to adapting to the change of the season.
I found the nature was also changing little by little.

Wrote on November 2 2005

Seasonal scenery in my town.