Botanical Transformation in autumn.
Blue passionflower and Cotton bush

A long spell of very hot weather. Succession attack by typhoon.
Autumn has come in the unusual weather
and the plants started changing into their seasonal form.

===Blue passionflower Passiflora caerulea===

The flower was gradually covered by vines

and has had luster red fruit.

===Cotton bush, narrow leaf, Gomphocarpus fruticosus===

Green baloon-like nut popped

and white cottonseed has appeared.

The highest temperature and the most number of typhoon in this summer rewrote the history. Typhoon grew stronger by the high temperature of the sea face.
We had hard days by unusual weather, but it's us who have made these abnormal environment. The wild plants are growing commendably adapting themselves in the change in spite of the abnormal weather.

"The problem of environmental pollution" is spoken as if this were one of the current words, but isn't it the time for us to seriously talk about and consider? Before it would become too late.

Seasonal scenery in my town.