Cherry blossoms in my town 2004 (2)
My town colored by full-bloomed cherry blossoms.

Since cherry blossoms started opening, the weather has been unsteady. The cherry blossoms faded and fell quickly because of heavy rain and strong wind. When I walked around my town on April 6 in the interval of rain, most trees were in the full-bloomed tops.

Because it was after the rain,
nobody gathered in enjoying seeing cherry blossom,
and the Muronoki Park was quiet.
The following panorama photo was made by three photos that I took on the hill in the park.

There are not many cherry trees in Nojima Park,
but the trees have unrestrictedly extended the branch
and had so many flowers.
Maybe because the trees are not crowded.

Reclamation has advanced in only about 50 years around here. The beautiful spectacle that had been loved as Kanazawa-hakkei was lost. The bay was slightly remained, and there are several bridges around here.

It was the day of the entrance ceremony. I saw lovely new elementary school pupils led by their parents. In Japan, April is the month when the new fiscal year starts. The separation by graduation and the pleasure of new school was always at the time of cherry blossoms. Thus, cherry blossoms is special flower for Japanese people.

April 15 2004

Seasonal scenery in my town.