Cherry blossoms in my town 2004 (1)

On 29 March, it was announced that cherry blossoms started flowering in Yokohama.
But at cherry blossoms season, the temperature and the weather are unstable.
The temperature fell and rained from the next day of flowering.
In the afternoon on April 1st, I went out to see cherry blossoms around my town.

Though it was about half blooming, there were people who were enjoying seeing cherry blossom in the park.

Cherry blossoms against the background of the Hirakata Bay and Mt. Nojima.

There are so many kinds of cherry blossoms, and the followings are Somei-Yoshino.
The leaf doesn't come out when the flower is in bloom.
So the entire tree is covered with pink color and it looks bright and beautiful.

The followings are Ooshima-Sakura.
Different from Somei-Yoshino, the sprout comes out with the flower.
Because a white flower shines in a green leaf, it produces the neat and pure atmosphere.

On the previous night it rained heavily, but the weather became better. Fortunately I could enjoy the cherry blossoms scenery and take photos.

Today the weather is so fine and they are in full-bloom. I'm going to upload today's photos soon.

April 5 2004

Seasonal scenery in my town.